A Tahur Life

A Tahur Life


The purpose of this ebook is to give a bit of insight into what it means to live a holistic lifestyle based on African Holistic traditions.  Through it, we hope to answer some questions about why we eat the way we do, how important it is to have a spiritual connection, as well as why it is crucial to surround yourself with like minded and like spirited people.  


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A lot of people suffer from mental, physical, and spiritual diseases.  This happens whenever we are out of “sync” with nature’s cycles.  We have to realign ourselves with nature, and live in harmony with the beat of its rhythm. 

Understanding the nature of the seasons is also essential in realigning ourselves with nature, thus realigning ourselves with The Creator.  The seasons are tied intrinsically to the cycles of nature.  We till, we plant, we harvest.  It’s all in nature hunny.