A Tahur Kitchen

A Tahur Kitchen


A Tahur Kitchen is an invite to a healthy kitchen and body. 

Throughout its pages, you will find simple recipes as well as tips and information on eating a clean, plant based diet, based on the knowledge and wisdom of our African Ancestors. 

Be inspired to reap the benefits associated with eating clean, fresh, whole foods using very basic instructions.

A Tahur Kitchen demonstrates plant based wellness in a way that is approachable as well as delicious. 

Delight your senses, while nourishing your body.

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This is not a cookbook in the sense of the types of cookbooks that we normally see on bookstore shelves. Nor, is it chock full of recipes that will help you become a gourmet chef. In no way is this to be considered a “normal” cook book.  
What it is, is the culmination of years of studying the ancients attitude regarding food. The Creator Spirit created the seeded plants and trees that were to provide us with our life sustenance, these foods help us maintain health and longevity.  
The recipes in this particular book should be looked at as a preparation of food that hopefully encourages eating according to Ancient Holistic practices. As a people we have gotten so far away from eating naturally, that we don't even really know what real food is. 
Our hope is that A Tahur Kitchen will be the starting point toward your healthy, plant based eating journey.