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Tahur Living is a scripturally based, holistic life style company, created by mother and daughter duo, Tamla and Aleshia. Our focus is on crafting clean and pure products for the mind, body, and soul.  
While traveling down a path of spiritual awakening, we discovered the healing and purification rituals of the men and women of Scriptural times.  We learned that with simple plant materials, our ancestors were able to treat many skin, hair, and scalp conditions, and maintain a standard of living nearly unheard of in modern times.
We began by eliminating toxins and chemicals from our diets and personal care products. Tamla began to heal from an auto immune disorder she had suffered from for over 15 years.  Difficulty in finding truly clean and pure products that worked, led us to creating healthy meals using Genesis 1:29 as our guide, as well as crafting Tahur hair and body essentials.
Using the most natural fair trade, organic, and wild harvested ingredients, Tahur developed nourishing personal care blends based on our ancestors healing and beautification rituals.  Years of thorough research led us to create quality products that promote healthy skin and hair, and are 100% plant based, cruelty free, non-toxic, Scripturally clean, and safe for use by your entire family.
At Tahur Living, we believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. 
We endeavor to be an inspiration and an encouragement to others to live a Scripturally holistic and clean lifestyle.  Join us as we journey along the ancient paths to a beautifully natural life!
Tamla & Aleshia