Retrieving Back Your Lost Energy


Everything around us, including ourselves, is made up of energy and has an energetic field.  In the mystic world, this field is sometimes called our aura.  All day, parts of our aura is being sent out in the forms of words, thoughts, and actions.  Our daily interactions cause transfers of energy.  When we exert a lot of energy, be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, we send quite a bit of our energy out during these interactions.

We leave fibers of our essence everywhere, every day.  With people, problems, and even places.  Whether it is our family, friends, favorite places, or even with our co-workers, we leave a soul print with them.  Sometimes these people and situations cause us stresses that take away more of ourselves.  Over time we end up giving away so much of ourselves that it causes us to lose our connection to self and Source.

When these interactions are completed, the energy we put out isn’t automatically restored.  Sometimes it is still with the person, and sometimes their energy lingers with us.  Even energy expelled and received during telephone conversations can cause us to feel spent, restless, and not quite ourselves.  Truthfully, even the most supernal and divinely aligned people can burn out and be depleted of energy. 

When we begin to feel depleted, drained, empty, done, or as my daughters and I like to say, tored (tired and wore out), it is a sign that we may need to call our energy back. We can reset our energy in many ways. Walking in nature, taking some time to meditate, or even sleep can help us reset.  However, there are times where this doesn’t work.  Where even when we do all of these daily resets, we still feel angry or depressed, sad or extremely stressed.  This means that we are missing huge parts of ourselves.  Parts that we have a hard time getting back.   

 Reclaiming our energy is important.  We are always dealing with situations and people that suck our energy away from us.  We also endure situations where we absorb energy from others, and sometimes this energy isn’t positive energy.  When we become outside ourselves, we have to call our energy back to us.  When we don’t call our energy back, our aura is split everywhere, except inside our physical vessel.  We are not existing as our full energetic self.

The process of calling our energy back is known as ENERGY RETRIEVAL.  The process is simple to do, and doesn’t require a lot of time, or energy. 

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 First, you must find a find a quiet time and place where you won't be disturbed.  Obtain a meditation state.  As with any sacred healing ceremony, you may want to state an intention that only that energy which is the essence of pure love and of the highest good for your life be returned to you.   Take a few deep breaths and relax into the process. 

 Secondly, light a white candle so that you surround yourself with light.  Ask for guidance and protection from the Divine Source and your spirit guides so that you are very clear about what your intention is and what you will only allow into your space. Lighting white candles represent higher love, compassion, and purity.

 Thirdly, send your awareness gently out into the universe, asking that it find, connect with, and bring back to you your energetic field that has left you. Just sit quietly in an open and receptive state, profoundly calling your spirit back to you and absolutely choosing to have all of yourself back with you. Allow it to come to you. Not all of it will return all at once, but be completely open to what energy does return. Remember to cut the energy of others that has connected itself to you.   

Lastly, when you feel complete with this experience, slowly open your eyes. Take some time to integrate and process this experience. Journal it if you choose to.  Take some deep breaths, and allow your being to be realigned. 

 Performing this ritual on a daily basis can help you feel restored, with an abundance of energy to continue to share yourself with others. 

 Remember to always be careful of with whom and how you share your energy. There are energy vampires out there just seeking to absorb your energy.  Be mindful at all times.


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