Dark Moon Ceremony


Dark Moon Ritual

 Ancient shamanic people in Africa honored the Earth and the elements, earth, air, water, fire. They also acknowledged the power and influence of seasonal changes, and the cosmic bodies and their cycles on humans and nature.

We should regard the New (renewed) Moon as that first arc of light, the crescent of the newly waxing moon, not the moon in its invisible phase as it shows in your Gregorian calendars.

If you are confused, notice how you feel when that moon is invisible and also how you feel when that first slim, yet bright crescent appears in the sky! The Renewed Moon is the return of light.  The moment in nature where we come out of the all-consuming presence of the Dark Moon!

“The Dark Moon is the gatekeeper between the waking world, and the rich, fertile land of inner transformation.  Penetrating the surface of superficial life, the Dark Moon awakens our zest for life, our sensual nature, and our most inspired magic.” (Shaneen Miro)

The Purpose of this ceremony, is to align you with the energy of the moon right before it begins its renewing phase into fullness.  It is the perfect time to lay down your hurt and pain, for healing only comes when you go into the places that hurt.  The time to the time to consider all those things in your life that you no longer need.

Though most of us consider the moon as feminine and the sun as masculine, many ancient cultures consider the moon to be masculine and the sun as feminine. (just an fyi)

This ritual honors the Dark Moon period, whose true wisdom is all but lost in modern times. The Dark Moon phase is usually 1 day prior to the appearance of the first crescent, the return of light that the newly waxing moon bestows.

Please view this ceremony as just an outline, one you can freely adjust if the moon urges you to create new ways of celebrating all of Its wonderful, life giving energy. Follow your intuition and your heart. 

Things You Will Need

Smudging tool of choice

dark moon ceremony bowl.JPG

Large bowl of clean water

A handful of flower petals, herbs, or plant leaves of choice

Crystals for all seven chakras.  Use only stones that can be immersed in water.  (no stones ending in ite like selenite or calcite)

1 floating tea light candle

Several small strips of paper

Black Ink Pen

Mindful Meditation Music of choice

1 piece of jewelry you wear often and don’t mind getting wet

 If possible, take a ritual bath or shower before performing your ceremony for the Dark Moon.  Like the following ceremony, it can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.  We like to keep this part simple, as we perform ritual bathing for all of our moon ceremonies.  We simply light candles, and turn off the light.  We light frankincense to clear the energy as we allow the shower to remove all of the negative thoughts and energy we might be holding on to as we prepare to head into our ceremonies.  Saying a simple prayer of release, seeking healing from past and present hurt and trauma helps ease our minds and hearts… As the water drains, we envision all those hurts and traumas swirling down the drain with it. 

The Ceremony

Create an altar that includes the four elements: fire (candle), earth (plant or small container of soil), air (incense) and water (small container of clean water).  Your altar should hold spiritual meaning for you, it can be as simple or complex as you like.

Invite in the protectors of your space, (in some traditions this includes the four directions, north, south east and west.)  Invite in your spirit guides and ancestors as well as the Divine Source you most strongly identify with.

Have all of your ingredients handy and start by smudging your aura and then your surroundings and ingredients. As you smudge your aura recite the following:

“I cleanse myself with light and loving energy. My defenses now come down. The guards and fears that have surrounded me for so long now melt to the floor. I am open and I am safe. I am radiating pure heart energy. I am cleansed. I am love. Àşę!

Take a moment to imagine yourself as a tree of light creating a shimmering bridge between heaven and earth.  Sense your roots deeply grounded in Mother Earth.  Be barefoot during the ritual if that is possible.

Smudge or purify your space with sage, palo santo, or frankincense to clear all negative energies.  As you smudge your space recite the following:

“I cleanse this space and these ingredients with light and loving energy. My space is protected and pure. My ingredients are cleansed and full of vitality. Only love fills this space now. Only light fills this space now. Divine Life Source guide my thoughts and intentions during this process! Guide this ceremony and remove all obstacles and karmic debts, remove all illness and disease, remove poverty and any other area of lack, remove negative people and places and circumstances that have offended my ancestors, spirit guides, and Divine Life Source. Throughout my many lives and until this moment, whatever goodness I have accomplished including the good generated by this ceremony and all that I will ever attain, this I offer for the well-being of all my people and the earth that we live in.  May sickness, war, famine, disease and suffering be diminished for my people and the earth that we live in, while their wisdom and compassion increase in this and every future life. May balance and order, right and justice be restored for my people and the earth that we live in.  May I quickly attain enlightenment in order to work ceaselessly for the freedom and healing of my people.  May all feelings of ill will, hatred, wickedness, and evil be forever removed from my heart, mind, and soul, so that only goodness, kindness, compassion, and love remain. I release everything that hinders my growth.  I release that stops me from fulfilling my purpose, even my own thoughts and actions.  I release everything that keeps me from being good,  kind, compassionate, loving, and enlightened.  May my thoughts, beliefs, and actions, always be for the highest good for each of us here!   Thank you. Àşę!”

(It is very important to have a sense of how this ritual is able to help others through you.)

Raise the sacred energy within your circle by either drumming, ringing bells, chanting, reciting mantra, dancing, using singing bowls, etc.

Start the ritual in meditation. In this meditation, you are going to work to balance each of your chakras. If you are familiar with how to do this on your own, feel free to guide yourself through the meditation if you would prefer or use a guided meditation of choice.

After your meditation, sit in front of your bowl of water and take one of your crystals in your non-dominant hand. Gently begin rubbing the crystal to charge and activate it with your energy. When you feel it is warm or it begins tingling in your hand, gently place it into the bowl of water. Repeat this for all the crystals you are using.

You can also do this same process with the piece of jewelry. When you feel it is charged up, add it to the bowl of water.

Once all the crystals are in the water, cup some of the flower petals in both hands. Imagine you are sending and receiving energy from the petals. Just be present with the petals and all of their vitality. Once you feel the energy exchange is complete, gently place the petals into the bowl of water. Repeat this till you have used all your petals.

Now, light your candle and place it inside the bowl of water. Very gently, without knocking the candle, begin using your finger to gently swirl the water around.

As you swirl the water, try to focus on the present moment. Watch the flow of the water and the movement of the objects inside. Just try to immerse yourself in the experience. When ready, recite the following mantra 7 times as you swirl the water. After each reciting, take one long and deep breath in and out.

“I relax and settle into the flow of my life. I trust that all is in Divine order and everything is unfolding for my highest good. I am safe. I am healed. I am loved.  Àşę!”

Now, take your small strips of paper and begin writing in 1-3 words, things that you want to release from your life. For example, you can write “stress” or “poverty” or “low self worth”. You can be more specific too if you wish. As you write each one, say it aloud and then drop it into the bowl of water. Be careful to not burn the paper.

Once you have all your papers in the bowl, wrap your hands around the bowl and recite the following:

“I am ready to welcome in the new. I am ready for healing and renewal to begin. I pray that all of the wrong I have done in my past be forgiven and that no one in my family here or in the future bear the consequences for my past actions.  I know that I deserve a brighter future, and no matter what I have been through, I will find a more positive, expectant, and loving experience moving forward. Thank you, Àşę!”

Imagine yourself filled and surrounded with light, love, compassion and well-being.  See all aspects of your life and inner being in light. Ask to become enlightened in this lifetime. Sit in this vision of enlightenment, breathe into this vision for as long as you like.  Feel the feelings of well-being this vision instills. 

Obsidian has important magical qualities for release & transformation rituals.  It is good to add this as one of your seven chakra stones.

Visualize your aspirations.  Affirm them for the highest good.

 State what you are thankful for in your life.  Allow yourself to feel your appreciation.  Thank the Divine Life Source and Light beings for their support.

Close the ceremony and Release the Protectors and/or Four Again thank The Divine Life Source, your spirit guides and ancestors, for their presence. Feel appreciation for their support and presence in your life. 

 Then walk your circle counter clockwise to release the energy.

 Use the energy infused water to cleanse your face, as a rinse for your hair, or as an oblation to your ancestors. 

*Note:  It is best to do this ceremony outside once it is dark.  However, if you are unable to sit outside, feel free to perform this ceremony indoors, keeping your windows and curtains open so that the essence of the moon may enter into your space.

Enjoy your Dark Moon Ceremony!

Tamla & Aleshia

Tahur LLC