Retrogrades New Moons & Eclipses, OH MY!


We posted some time ago, that we would be in Jupiter Retrograde until 8/11.  But some of you don’t know that many planets have been in retrograde for the past few months.  So, if you have been feeling out of sorts, this is more than likely the reason why. 

For starters, Jupiter went into retrograde 4/10 in Sagittarius.  Which is great, because it added a little fire to the grounding of Capricorn and the ebbing and flowing of the waters of Pisces. 

 Saturn went into retrograde in Capricorn (Earth) on 4/30, and will remain in retrograde until 9/18.  Pluto went into retrograde in Capricorn 4/24, and will remain in retrograde until 10/3.  Neptune has been in retrograde in Pisces (water) since 6/21 and will remain in retrograde until 11/27.  BUT!!!  Mercury is returning retrograde in Pisces on 7/9 and will remain there through the Solar Eclipse taking place with the 7/2 Renewed Moon (in Cancer another water sign), as well as the partial Lunar eclipse taking place with the Full Moon (in Capricorn) 7/16-7/17. 

So, if you have been feeling a little out of sorts, now you know why. 

Anyway, we just wanted to remind you, that with Mercury going retrograde, you will need to make sure your computers, laptops and phones have all been updated and backed up.  Make sure to mail important documents and packages before Mercury goes into retrograde.  DO NOT make any important decisions during this period.  Pay close attention to your communication, and don’t start any new projects. 

If you start to feel super stressed during the Mercury Retrograde period, use Amazonite to help you filter out distractions, and Fluorite to help you find your center and help you concentrate. Again, for Jupiter Retrograde, you should already be keeping Citrine on hand to help you stay positive, and Malachite to help clear any negative thoughts. 

Because Neptune will be in retrograde for a moment, using Labradorite can help strengthen your intuition, and Amethyst will help keep you focused.  Until Pluto is out of retrograde, use Blue Lace or Crazy Lace Agate to help keep your whole being balanced.  Using Black Obsidian for Saturn will help you stay in control and feeling protected. 

For the Renewed Moon and it’s accompanying Solar Eclipse, use Moonstone to help support your intuition and spiritual growth, and Rose Quartz to keep your heart full of peace and comfort, and love.  Labradorite will also help you tap into your personal magik!  For the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, get yourself some Selenite to use with your Moonstone to help you embody the energy of the moon!

Remember to keep your crystals close to you.  Carry them in a little pouch, but make sure they aren’t hitting each other which can cause damage to your crystals. 

Jasmine helps strengthen self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.  It will help alleviate stress, anxiety, and despair, and help promote a sense of well-being.  Using it during the retrogrades, as well as the eclipses will help to ground you and restore your aura. 

Sandalwood or Palo Santo will help cleanse and strengthen your energy field.  It will relieve fatigue and calm your nervous system.  Extremely helpful during Mercury retrograde, Sandalwood aids in communication and meditation. 

Mandarin essential oil will help remove fear and depression.  It will restore energy and peace of mind, as well as encourage spiritual creativity and supernal communication. 

Adding a few drops of either of these essential oils to your bath salts is a great way to begin or end your Renewed Moon, or Full Moon rituals.  Burning Sandalwood or Palo Santo incense during this time will help guide your meditations and keep your energy positive, and help you get through all the ups and downs heading our way during the next few weeks. 

If you have any other tips or techniques or rituals, let us know in the comments below! 


Tamla & Aleshia

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