It's Retrograde Time Again


Hey All, it is retrograde time again!  And this time, we are dealing with Jupiter.

Jupiter has been in its ruling sign of Sagittarius since November 2018. While in its home sign, Jupiter has been able to express its brightest, purest, and best energy, and we have all been benefiting from this in some way.  It helped us make it through Mercury retrograde without losing our minds. 

Jupiter has the ability to magnify things in our lives in order for us to see the gifts and rewards. It also magnifies things to help us gain clarity and a deeper understanding of the bigger picture. Because Jupiter is a slower-moving planet, its retrograde periods last longer and are less chaotic than the retrograde we just came out of (We will be in Jupiter retrograde for 123 days, from April 10th though August 11th). 

Jupiter retrograde happens once a year and lasts for about four months; this year, Jupiter won’t move out of retrograde until August 11, 2019, when it becomes direct. This Jupiter retrograde is in Sagittarius, and it will be most intense for Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.  But all of the signs will definitely feel it.  In addition, unlike the chaos that Mercury brought, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, freedom, vision, ideals, wisdom, abundance, fortune, and progress.  And while it may bring about aspects we aren’t quite used to, it doesn’t mean bad luck is ahead.  Yay!!!!

Jupiter retrograde is a chance to take a step back and reflect on and explore the experiences you gained when Jupiter was direct back in January. This is especially true for people who are immersing themselves in new, mind-expanding experiences.  This retrograde is asking you take stock of what you’ve learned and gained and look at how those experiences may change your ideals and thoughts.

While it can be can be tempting to search for answers everywhere but inside yourself, Jupiter retrograde requires that you go inside yourself for answers, instead of searching outside. While Jupiter was direct, we gained so many new experiences. Use this time to reflect on them.  In fact, this is the best time to go inward and reflect on spiritual beliefs, societal ethics, as well as your philosophical approach to life.  It is the time to explore the spirit within, and learn more about the beliefs of your ancestors, take part in cultural activities, be more attentive to your non-material goals and aspirations, and spend more time with family and loved ones.

This is not the time to be buying lottery tickets and participating in get rich schemes.  They are bound to fail, as the Universe is calling us to not ignore our spiritual growth in our quest for business pursuits and financial gain.  Instead, we are being called to spend more time communicating with our ancestors and spirit guides, and meditating. 

It is also a time to open ourselves to the possibilities around us and to surrender our expectations, so we can receive the gifts and rewards that are meant for us without our ego, indoctrination, and pride blocking the way. Jupiter will help us build confidence and enthusiasm for these new ideals, and it will also encourage a stepping away from the norms of our upbringing and a focus on more non-traditional religion and career paths.  Jupiter in retrograde is also going to touch on where we have not been actively pursuing our purpose and showing us the way.  If we allow it to. 

It is important during this time for us to take time out to rest, recharge, and relax, but if there is an area of your life that you have been lazy with, Jupiter retrograde may encourage you to take action.

Jupiter is all about encouraging a focus on wisdom, spiritual growth, and self-introspection.   It is important that we focus on cleansing and healing our Navel/Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Using the following crystals, will help us as we transition through Jupiter retrograde.  Citrine, lapis lazuli, malachite, and tiger’s eye will be instrumental in increasing abundance and helping with feelings of joy and happiness.  Malachite and lapis will help with introspection and meditation, and encouraging you to go inside to discover your truest desires, as well as where your energy should be reflected.  Citrine can be used to cleanse and balance, as well as increase personal empowerment and confidence.  Tiger’s eye will be instrumental in keeping us grounded, cleansed, and balanced. 

What crystals have you used in the past or will be using now to help you get through the next four months? Comment below and let us know how you will be transitioning through this retrograde period.



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