Mercury Retrograde Crystal Healing

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If you're anything like me, these pre-shadow days (which began on Feb. 19) leading up to the next Mercury Retrograde (March 5-28) have you feeling overly emotional, stressed, and anxious.   Not to mention dreaming all sorts of oddness.  And this is just the pre-shadow!

During a planetary retrograde's shadow period (which takes place right before and right after a retrograde), we need to be preparing ourselves for the actual retrograde.  Before the retrograde, not during it.

Working with crystals for Mercury retrograde’s pre-shadow period is a great way to ensure you're prepared and energetically protected for the retro-madness that's about to be visited upon us.

Mercury retrograde in a sign of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) opens the doors to reflect on the quality of life you deserve, and how you project it in your home and to your loved ones. Intuition is most developed in this period, but this makes you susceptible to psychic interference, so not everything will be as it seems. Mercury retrograde in a sign of water is also a time of great emotional intensity. Avoid arguments in your familial environment and look for methods to channel feelings positively.

Mercury in Pisces tells us about the psychic world (empathy, intuition), the use of compassion as a link with other sentient beings, and the development of imagination and the supernal. Before the retrogradation of Mercury in Pisces, the doors of the unconscious open (dreams, contact with previous existences and traumatic events of the past), and there is a tendency to confuse what you think with what you feel, or what you believe with what happens in reality.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, it is difficult to maintain the organization of the mental plane, so you must double down on the discipline, in order to achieve the realization of your objectives.  On the other hand, you should avoid underestimating your own value; falling into pessimism, and starting projects, or signing contracts.  

Using crystals can help you deal with the affects of Mercury Retrograde.  

  • You can energetically charge an amethyst to counteract the effects of Retrograde Mercury..  Amethyst is the stone of peace, healing and wisdom. You can use it to absorb negative energy, and relieve stress.

  • Use Blue Calcite or Blue Lace Agate during meditation, by placing it at the height of the throat chakra, which is your communication energy source. This will keep the energetic point harmonized and favor your words.

  • Use Clear Quartz Crystal to bring clarity and focus. It vibrates pure light, removing any blockages or obstacles.  A universal healer, it links to all the chakras to provide balance and harmony,

  • Black obsidian  assists in letting go of fear and anxiety. It works with the root chakra, grounding you into the energy of the Earth. It is also a powerful protective stone, helping you to feel safe and secure..  In addition to keeping Black Obsidian on or near you, place a piece near your electronics to protect them.

  • Selenite is useful any time you need to shift, reset or cleanse your aura, as it is excellent at moving and removing stagnant energy.  Selenite can also help you reach calm and peace filled sleep.  Remember to place it in your space before you go to sleep each night.

Don't  forget to Back up your computer, phone and other electronic devices that store data. Although the effects of Mercury depend on the sign where it makes the retreat and does not always concern the devices, make sure you protect your devices just in case.  

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Don't let this Mercury Retrograde get the best of you.  Armor yourself with these treasures, from Mother Earth herself. 



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