Release and Let Go Under The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

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During eclipse season, when we get the three celestial bodies, the sun, moon and earth in perfect alignment, their various types of cosmic energies become aligned or stacked. When that happens, they magnify and amplify each other. A lot of people are sensitive to these types of energetic shifts and can feel them easily. Especially if they’re an empath, healer, or do energy work of any kind.  Crystals and other modalities give us the tools that can support us through this type of energy wave. It’s about riding the energy, not letting the energy wave toss you all over the place.

The energies of a lunar eclipse are the same as a really powerful full moon. It’s a very high amplitude kind of energy. However, a lunar eclipse is not a time when we should be  making any life altering changes. We need to just evaluate any changes for the next cycle, only releasing the negative energies that have been hanging on.

Lunar eclipses generally bring good energy that bring about change. We just should not go about initiating any changes or making big plans on our own, as this is a time when it’s important to let things happen as they will. Be thankful for whatever lessons you learned during the last lunar cycle or for whatever intentions and seeds you planted that did come to fruition.

Working with moonstone and selenite during a lunar eclipse, as with any moon cycle, will help you tap into your supernal feminine energy, as well as connect you more easily with your higher self.  Moonstone also has a connection to water, and water is connected to the moon.  This makes moonstone a great stone to work with during this time, as it allows you to more efficiently tap into your intuition.

Use your crystals during your meditation.  Make sure to spend a little time outside under the moon.  Although you may not be able to see it during the eclipse, its energy is still vibrant and powerful.  

In addition to your moonstone and selenite, using amethyst or clear quartz can help you focus your meditation and help you SEE more clearly..  Carnelian can assist with physical healing and immunity strengthening.  Green aventurine and rose quartz will work together with your moonstone to help heal spiritual and emotional wounds, and help you release negative energies, making way for positivity and growth.  

Set your intentions over your stones the evening before the fullness of the moon.  Remember that the power of the full moon begins the day before and lasts until the day after.  Although, it is its strongest the day of.  But, we can cleanse and charge our stones under the power of the full moon the evening before, so that we can use them during our full moon meditation and rituals.  

One of the things we do to prepare ourselves for our new and full moon meditation, is we take a energy cleansing bath or shower. We feel it is important to begin any cleansing ritual by cleansing our bodies, and getting our mind and emotions clear.

Using Himalayan pink salt is a no brainer. It is a powerful cleansing salt, that is 100% natural. Its energy is powered by water and earth, and it is an extraordinary cleansing and healing salt. HPS naturally detoxes our body and energy field. It releases toxins and negative energy, while our skin absorbs the beneficial minerals of the salt at the same time.

We also like to use essential oils in our cleansing baths as they too, help to cleanse our energy field.

Lemongrass in particular is an essential oil that we use in our diffuser daily. It is a powerful cleanser of energy, and assists in helping us enter into an emotional and energetic healing and cleansing state. It helps one let go of toxic energy and negativity, while helping to cleanse the energy in our home.

Jasmine was called the flower of the night by our ancestors.. Jasmine essential oil is connected to lunar power, and helps us connect to the moon and absorb its energy. Our ancestors believed that jasmine assisted in the healing and health of our adrenals, which were essential for attaining higher levels of health and consciousness. Jasmine helps calm the mind, and alleviate fatigue by balancing hormones and restoring energy.

Lavender helps ease sadness and grief, and helps one release old negative energy and make transitions. Lavender is the ultimate healing essential oil, charged with intent to help heal our mind and body, and balance our chakra system. It helps to balance our emotions, and is calming and uplifting.

Sandalwood helps one release old negative energy, and let go of worldly attachments. Used during meditation, sandalwood allows for an atmosphere of calm and peace, quieting mental chatter. It helps ground and balance us naturally, and has amazing benefits for our grounding, sex, and spiritual chakras.

Myrrh unifies the chakra system, and helps unify our spiritual self with our physical self. It activates the moon chakras, as well as our navel center and root chakra. Myrrh also helps to balance our masculine and feminine energies.

Frankincense helps use ease into transitions, and helps to reduce fear of change and letting go. Frankincense is one of the most spiritually charged oils, and helps connect us to our higher chakras, and assists with obtaining spiritual wisdom. Along with jasmine, myrrh, lavender, sandalwood, palo santo, and patchouli, frankincense helps open and balance our brow chakra, and it also brings mental peace and clarity, assisting in opening our crown chakra.

Use these oils alone, or in any combination to help you prepare for your meditation and rituals. If you don't choose to use them in your bath or shower, they work just as well in a diffuser.

Do you have any particular stones or oils that you use in your moon rituals? If so, let us know in the comments below.

We wish you joy, peace, and serenity, and a life of love and light.


Aleshia and Tamla

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