Daring To Dream

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We are super excited to be hosting a Vision Night tomorrow. Knowing that many of you have created a vision board, we just wanted to take the time to share our process with you. It has been a little while since we actually sat down to create a Vision Board, and we are really looking forward to sharing a girls night, or day in this instance, of setting goals and actively moving forward with accomplishing them.

With that said, here are a few things we wanted to share with you all about creating a vision board.

A Vision Board is a visual representation of dreams, goals, and aspirations that you actively work to achieve.

 A Vision Board can be anything that keeps you focused on your goals.  It can be an actual board, an art journal, a screen saver on your cellular phone, digital note pad, or even your computer.  A Vision Board is YOUR vision for YOUR life.  It is a visual representation of where you want to go in your life, and what you want to achieve.  It is literally YOUR vision of what you desire for YOURSELF.

 A Vision Board can represent many areas of your life goals, or just one goal in particular.  For example, you can create a vision board that represents your health goals.  Or you can create a vision board that represents your financial goals.  Or it can be a representation of both goals, or even more. 

 A Vision Board can be set for one-year goals, three-year goals, five-year goals, or even just a few months.  You set the time limits that are practical and realistic for you. 

 A Vision Board isn’t complicated to complete.  However, creating a vision board should be thought out carefully and with intention.  Think about the things you want to accomplish.  Prioritize them, and write them all down. 

 Decide the direction of your vision board.  Will it be a collection of different areas of your life, or will you focus on one area?  For example, will you be envisioning your personal, business, or relational goals?  It is up to you what your vision board will represent. 

 Once you have decided on the direction of your vision board, begin collecting images and quotes that inspire you to complete your goals.  You can use pictures or quotes you find in magazines, newspapers, on the internet, or even your own photos and artwork.

 Remember that your vision board is about setting intentions that you can visualize that will help you manifest your strongest desires for your lie. 

 Once you complete your vision board, remember that YOU have to put in the WORK to actually accomplish your goals.

 If you are working on your vision board in a group, make sure that everyone takes an opportunity to talk about their vision board and what it represents.  Creating a vision board with a group of people who you are close to, can be the first step in visualizing your goals, and speaking them into existence.  Remember that these are your goals and dreams.  While they may differ from everyone else’s, they are YOURS and they are not wrong.  They are just right for you.

 You may be surprised to find out that some of your goals and dreams may be similar to others.  You may even learn about some things about your friends or family members that you didn’t know.  And maybe, you will be able to share information and advice to help one another reach and accomplish their goals. 

 Last but not least, holding a Vision Night, is a great way to help one another.  It is a great time to become accountability partners, making sure to keep in touch with each other to make sure that everyone is actually working on fulfilling their vision. 

To complete your vision board you will need supplies. They can include all of the following, or not. Remember it’s your vision. However these are common vision board supplies: magazines, scissors, glue sticks, markers, pens, stickers, poster board, photos, snacks, and. drinks. Because we believe that everything we do is in our minds and bodies is tied to our spiritual selves, we also include crystals, incense, candles, motivational and intention setting music when hosting a vision night, or vision board party.

We feel it is best to set the mood and invite positive energy into the room when sitting down to work on your goals. 

White candles help release negative energy and invites peace, truth and purity.  Lighting white candles during A Vision Night can help clear away negative energy and invite an openness into the mind.

 Palo Santo and frankincense help with creativity, and evoke a feeling of peace, calm, and inspiration. 

Carnelian boosts motivation and drive.  Helps to release fears that may be stopping one from moving forward with their goals.

Green Aventurine can help manifest prosperity and forward movement.

Tiger’s Eye helps boost and heal blocked creativity.  It clears the mind and helps clear intentions.  It helps one stay grounded and working toward realistic goals.

As always, we invite the Ancestors and Spirit Guides to help us see clearly our path as well as what we truly desire and want in our lives.

We hope that this bit of information is helpful for when you decide to create a vision board for yourself, or host a vision board party.

May love, life, and light be upon you always.


Tamla & Aleshia

Tahur LLC