Mecury Retrograde Doesn't Have To Be A Downer

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We are all intrinsically connected to the patterns, ebbs and flows, and vibrations of the Universe. Including when the planets are in retrograde.

 Retrograde refers to a planetary orbit around the Sun is seemingly going opposite of ours here on Earth.

 If you made it through Venus aka Inanna aka Hathor (Goddesses of love, fertility, and a bunch of other stuff), CONGRATULATIONS!  I know this past retrograde caused emotional havoc, and left many tired, drained, confused, and distraught.  And while most of us begrudge this new retrograde, we don’t have to bemoan it.  Will it mess things up?  Definitely, so make sure you check all of your hard drives, communication devices, etc. and back them up. 

 As the planet of communication, Mercury (aka Hermes aka Anubis or Anapu) rules communication, and when it goes retrograde, it messes with anything to do with that; namely traveling, technology, making plans, and talking to others. During this time communication can go greatly awry. We might interpret things the wrong way, have trouble figuring out directions when going somewhere new, or just generally have trouble expressing our thoughts. This retrograde, which began on 11/16, isn't the time to start something new, or make major life changing decisions.  Things may not be as they appear so we have to tread lightly when starting new projects, jobs, and relationships.  So, take things slow.  Don’t do anything without careful and thoughtful consideration. 

 But there is hope, we don’t have to spend the next three weeks in dysfunction.  Why???? Because Mercury in retrograde also gives us the opportunity to improve how we communicate ourselves. To do this, there are a few things you can do during Mercury retrograde that will help strengthen and deepen your energy and empower you to achieve great communication and release positivity into the Universe.

  •  Set aside time to work on developing your intuition and supernal abilities. 

  • Spend time working on whole self-healing.  Especially your subconscious mind.

  • Search inside for negative habits and work on ways to rid yourself of them, especially those that hinder your growth and prosperity. 

  • Begin a manifestation journal and write down your dreams, desires, and goals to keep them fresh in your mind.  If you already journal, go over past intentions, and make sure that you are not forgetting things that were important.  Reconnect with your dreams and visions and recommit to those you have neglected.

  • Take more time for your daily spiritual healing and deepen your meditation, energy cleansing and balancing, prayer, mindfulness practices, ancestor veneration, nature attuning, etc.

  • Practice stress relief exercises such as diaphragmic breathing or chanting.

Still unsure what to do to help you move through Mercury Retrograde without too many mishaps?  Below are a few crystals, whose energy can help keep you calm, balanced, and able to communicate positively and effectively.


 Blue Lace Agate, helps improve clear calm communication and can help you calm down when things start to get dark and twisty. Blue lace agate is a gentle, calming stone that brings you harmony and tranquility. It lessens even deep and resentful anger, and calms nervousness and anxiety.  Blue lace agate assists you in releasing the fear of death and oppressive burdens. It brings peace, inspiration and it enhances clear self-expression, while helping to access the highest energetic realms.


Turquoise can help you summon the courage to express yourself without fear, and it can also help mitigate misfortune.  Turquoise attracts imbalances into itself and absorbs harmful and negative energy and vibrations.

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Fluorite balance thinking, improves concentration, organizes thoughts, emits peace and harmony, and helps to release stress and anxiety. It sucks up and neutralizes negative energy to bring harmony and balance.

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Clear Quartz brings clarity and focus. It vibrates pure white light, removing any blockages or obstacles that lie in your path.  While it's helpful during Mercury retrograde, clear quartz is another crystal that's valuable always. It brings clarity to shadows within the mind, links to all the chakras to provide balance and harmony.  It is excellent for assisting in manifesting intentions. 

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Rose Quartz can help you attract love, get to a new level in your current relationship, or even help you realize that's it's time to leave your partner. Considered the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz works by opening your heart to all types of love, including self-love, and supernal love.  Rose quartz worn, will surround you with a sphere of love energy, which activates and balances the heart chakra, and showers the body with positive energy.

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 Selenite is useful any time you need to shift, reset or cleanse your aura as it's excellent at moving and removing stagnant energy.

 So, there you have it!  While the planets definitely affect us emotionally and spiritually, by attuning ourselves to their discourse, balancing our energies, and staying connected to the Universe, we can make it through any retrograde without becoming fully distraught, uptight, and emotionally drained.  Just because naysayers sprinkle cosmic dust in our eyes, doesn’t mean we have to be blind.  There’s always room for love, life, and light!


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Side Note:I mentioned Anubis at the beginning of this post because folks seem to think that the only Neteru (gods, deities) that existed belonged to the Europeans.Which is impossible, as their civilizations were actually pretty late in the scheme of things.And though supernal knowledge didn’t begin in Nubia, The Nubian Kingdoms definitely were the influencers of Greek and Roman deity worship and mythology.My mention of Anubis is because Hermes and then Mercury were actually fashioned after him.All it takes is a little research and you can discover a lot.Anubis not only was the conductor of souls from the upper to the lower world, he was also the messenger of Osiris (Ausar) and the Envoy of Ra.

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