Your Heart and Rose Quartz

rose quartz.JPG

In ancient African cultures, crystals abounded and were used for a plethora of reasons.   From talismans, to amulets, to elixirs, and beyond, our ancestors knew and appreciated the physical and spiritual manifestations of stones and crystals. 

Crystals were used to heal the body, promote spiritual vision and clarity, and activate the energies within our physical being.  Though certain gems were crafted into jewelry that might be traded, even gold wasn't initially used for money. (European mindset) It was primarily used for jewelry as mentioned above, and for crafting funerary masks and deity sculptures, not currency.

Rose quartz, in particular, was used in a variety of ways.  Leaders, and citizens alike, used rose quartz to seal agreements.  It was a token, a setting in stone if you will, that both parties were bound to their part of the agreement.  

It was often ground into a fine powder and used as a compound to halt the affects of aging.  In many ancient cultures, older than Greek or Roman, rose quartz was believed to harmonize emotions, resolve conflicts and feelings of anger and disappointment, as well as increase love.  

The ancients believed that rose quartz helped us to receive love at a higher conscious level.  The stone was thought to help with forgiving of one's self as well as others. They believed that rose quartz could assist us in getting out of our own way to love truly and honestly, ourselves and our life partner.  They also believed that it imbued one with the wisdom and ability to deepen their connection with their partner and the Source.   

Like other quartz varieties, rose quartz was wrapped and buried  with loved-ones.   It was also placed over the third eye to assist with after-life navigation. 

Rose quartz metaphysical priorities can also help you see that you deserve forgiveness and understanding from yourself, for yourself.  It can also help you understand that you deserve the same compassion and forgiveness that you give to others.  Because rose quartz is associated with the element of water, its healing properties are naturally fluid, which means it cleanses toxic energies and negative emotions you may be unknowingly holding  inside of you. 

Healing with the gentle, feminine energy of rose quartz stimulates the heart chakra, and brings it into balance with the brow and crown chakras. Working in harmony, these chakras connect one  to the healing spirit of mother earth.

We love using rose quartz in our heart healing meditations.  The stone vibrates with gentle loving energy that feels as beautiful as it looks.  

Place rose quartz over your heart and between your eyes during meditation.   If you feel uncomfortable doing that, simply hold it in your hands.  The connection is different, but still very much real.  

At Tahur Living, we encourage our people to get back to the ways of our ancestors.  Using crystals and stones to aid in balancing, harmonizing, and connecting our physical selves to our spiritual selves can be vital to our healing process.   

Don't allow societal misconceptions and misunderstandings and erroneous doctrines keep you from reaching your highest physical and spiritual potential.   We are all different and unique in our gifts, talents, and wisdom, but these stones and crystals can help us all reach and maintain a higher level of consciousness and spiritual clarity.   

Tahur LLC