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A year or so ago, I sat down to start writing Visions & Dreams.  Trying to decide how to go about writing a novel, I read a bunch of information on line.  It seemed that there were so many articles and online websites for would be authors.  It was daunting, all the information I found in just one single search.   One thing I saw reoccurring, was the advice to always keep writing.  No matter what.  A few websites even suggested writing more than one novel at a time, just in case you get a block while writing one novel.  So, I sat down to do just that.  And it made me exhausted. 

Now here I was, the queen of advising people to rest, tired and exhausted all the time.  Not because of symptoms from the immune disorder I had previously suffered.  No, this exhaustion was due to my brain and spirit being overworked.  See, I was working a full-time job, writing two or three novels at a time, doing research for those novels, and starting a business.  I literally was working day and night.  And I was tired. 

I had to make myself slow down.  I could feel anxiety creeping in.  I knew it was time to take my own advice and stop burning the candle at both ends. 

Everyone says that to be an entrepreneur, you have to work a ton of hours.  I was putting in as many hours into my business as I was on my job, and sometimes more.  I would write several hours each day, and I would also spend quite a bit of time searching the internet and reading books about ancient history. 

It wasn’t that my home didn’t provide the kind of ambient calmness that I advise others to set up in their homes.  It wasn’t that my away from home, and home office weren’t tranquil.  My issue was that I was driving my own self crazy feeling like I had to do EVERYTHING all at once.  Sound familiar?  Ever find yourself in this space?  If so, this article is for you. 

I know that it is important for my body to get a proper night’s rest, what I was failing to remember was the importance of getting spiritual rest for my overall well-being.  In my efforts to prove to myself, and yes others, that I could do it all, I had been forgetting to take time out to spend with MYSELF. 

I had begun to neglect taking care of my soul.  I was pouring everything into setting myself up to walk away from my employer, and wasn’t pouring anything into my soul. 

Once I realized this, I decided to take a soul rest.  One of the first things I did was start walking again.  Everyday.  One of the things we encourage others to do at Tahur Living, is to spend time immersed in nature.  Whether it is taking a walk through a park, sitting on the shore of the beach or lake, hiking in the woods, or tending to a garden, we should spend time immersed in the wondrous creation of the Universe everyday.  Because we are nature, it is important for us to spend time surrounded by nature and tending to our roots. 

And I began to meditate and pray and rest more.  I also began to fellowship more.  Fellowship with like minded and like spirited people is greatly important. 

Another thing that I did, was something else we encourage others to do.  I took a look at my living space to determine if it really was as tranquil and peace filled as it could be.  The answer came quickly.  It was a resounding NO!  I mean I had candles, and essential oils, and aromatherapy to the nines.  My office is set up to be efficient, yet visually pleasing.  I have the most comfortable bed ever.  Yet something was missing.  I realized that none of those spaces had MY personality in them.  There was a lot of commercialized comfort, but nothing that reflected who I truly was as a person.  There was nothing that sung to my soul. 

At this point, you may be wondering what did I do?  Well let me tell you!  I called my daughter/business partner/bestie and headed to my favorite stores, the World Market and Home Goods.  I know much of the stuff in the stores is expensive, but there’s always a sale, and there’s always things on clearance.  But, what matters most to me, is that the stores are full of inspiration for ME!  So much of what’s inside speaks to my soul and calms my spirit. 

I can’t always afford to purchase what I want, but I can get ideas.  I take my partner in life along because she is the creative mastermind of our duo.  I look to her to help me figure out cost effective ways to incorporate myself into every area of my home.  I learned long ago that you don’t need a window looking out over the bay or cityscapes to add a heightened dimension of shalum to your dwelling.  All you need is to know yourself and what makes you, YOU, and then add touches of yourself in as many areas of your home as you can. 

If you need help trying to figure out how to YOU your space, feel free to email us at tahurliving@gmail.com.  You can also purchase our ebooks for encouragement and inspiration. 


Tamla & Aleshia